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Cascadia Architects designs for future generations with community-first approach

Low carbon buildings, rain gardens, bicycle infrastructure, community food gardens, complete and compact 15-minute communities…

At Cascadia sustainability is a passion and shapes their design process; from workplace culture to leadership goals for community impact. As designers of the future city fabric, they are committed to positive changes that consider future generations.


Cascadia designs leadership-level energy efficient buildings that reduce the community’s carbon footprint. They respect the land and champion opportunities to give back to the local ecosystem by increasing urban forest canopy, creating rain gardens, providing community food gardens and even homing honey bees. As avid cyclists, Cascadians promote low carbon transportation infrastructure in their projects as a large impact way to lower our community’s carbon footprint.

Social Impact and Engagement

Being sustainable is about being local and being part of the solutions that your community needs; from providing housing, to sourcing local materials, to advocating for compact communities that prevent urban sprawl. Cascadia views equity and social change as intertwined with sustainability, and engagement as a path forward to equitable solutions.

Evolution and Innovation

Cascadia joined BC Green Business to be part of the evolving community conversation of how businesses can be more sustainable everyday. The team loves collaborating, and hopes to inspire, while learning from others pursuing the same goals to live lightly on this planet. “It is important when using green standards to ensure we are always raising the bar to do better. Listening, learning, sharing and challenging each other, reflects our shared values and desire to work together for the best community outcome.”


You can share ideas and partner with Cascadia Architects. Check out their member page and follow them on social media.