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BC Green Business membership is more than just a sustainability certification. Our one-on-one approach allows us to identify opportunities that are right for your business and your community.

Brand Appeal
Align your business values with your customers and other stakeholders as individuals and communities are increasingly seeking sustainably conscious businesses.
Greener Practices
Receive recommendations and resources aiding the transition to low-impact operations, responsible procurement, and sustainable practices.
Staff Retention
Attract and retain employees by continuously evaluating your businesses’ impact and finding ways to improve it. Prospective employees are increasingly seeking employers whose values align with that of their own.
Green Network
Gain access to a growing network of businesses, organizations, and programs collaborating to green BC’s business community.
Environmental Metrics
Understand how your actions have made a positive environmental impact.
Cost Savings
Identify operational efficiencies that can result in short and long term cost savings.
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