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The blooming of West Coast Wildflowers

Meet Ali Assu, the founder of West Coast Wildflowers. In the depths of the back room, she conceals herself, diligently seeking out emerging artisans to uplift, whose practices embody sustainability.

You can find Ali, a dedicated and enthusiastic individual, actively engaged in volunteering efforts. One notable way she contributes is by reminding staff members about the importance of saving all packaging materials for reuse in shipments and packaging. Ali understands the significance of sustainable practices and aims to reduce waste wherever possible.

Her commitment to sustainability extends beyond her immediate workplace. Ali has established strong connections with her sister companies, RavenSong Soap & Candle and Bear Essential Oils. Recognizing the value of collaboration, she actively shares packaging resources with these companies. By doing so, Ali encourages a culture of sustainability and resourcefulness across all of her affiliated businesses.

Ali’s mission to bloom

West Coast Wildflowers’ purpose is to empower and uplift Authentic Indigenous artisans in a fiercely competitive retail market, alongside other exceptionally gifted creators from across Canada. Together, they unite in a harmonious dance, fostering a vibrant tapestry of local talent and nurturing their beloved local economy. By embracing the philosophy of “support local, buy local,” they sow the seeds of growth and resilience, collectively blossoming into a prosperous future.

Speaking of blooming, WCW offers seeds from BC Eco Seed Coop. The BC Eco Seed Co-op is a producer’s cooperative of 20+ farmers providing certified organic and ecological seeds grown on farms across British Columbia. It’s BC-owned and led companies such as this that continues to empower Ali’s ‘community vote’; every transaction she makes, including as a business owner, votes for the type of community she is collectively building.

Immersed in the principles of sustainability and ethical craftsmanship, West Coast Wildflowers offers a curated selection of premium gifts that are both a source of joy for oneself and a profound expression of gratitude for loved ones or corporate engagements. Each offering they present emanates the essence of purpose and respect for the Earth, embodying an environmental stewardship that honors the sacred relationship between humanity and nature. In this sanctuary of intentions, they stand united, interconnected by the threads of shared aspirations. Through support and unwavering commitment, they cultivate a thriving ecosystem where Indigenous wisdom and cultural diversity flourish, like wildflowers spreading their vibrant petals across the land.

West Coast Wildflowers is bringing a refreshing change to the industry by wholeheartedly embracing local, sustainable, and made-in-Canada products. Their commitment to blooming with these values is making a positive impact and setting them apart.

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