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Sure Grip Controls’ green journey

Sure Grip Controls, a leading manufacturer of electronic controls for heavy equipment and a Bailey company, recently set out on a green journey, stemming from their commitment to environmental responsibility. They have embraced sustainable practices as a cornerstone of their business strategy by partnering with BC Green Business and are now certified under the International ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards as a result. This effort catalyzed their sustainability shift, while BC Green Business provided invaluable guidance and set the stage for remarkable achievements.

Initially achieving Gold status upon collaboration with BC Green Business, Sure Grip Controls swiftly climbed to the pinnacle of environmental excellence, attaining Green status within just one year. This ascent was fueled by BC Green’s strategic recommendations, which empowered Sure Grip to implement robust Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for monitoring and enhancing their environmental performance. Metrics such as Waste Diverted from Landfill, Water Saved, Carbon Reduced, and Water Conserved now serve as benchmarks across the company.

These days, Sure Grip’s dedication to sustainability manifests in a series of tangible accomplishments. They’ve significantly reduced energy consumption by introducing automated LED lighting across production lines. Their waste management overhaul ensures meticulous sorting and recycling, diverting substantial waste from landfills. Transitioning to biodegradable plastics for packaging further emphasizes their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Moreover, Sure Grip has optimized their supply chain, prioritizing ocean freight to minimize carbon emissions. This initiative aligns with their overarching goal of reducing environmental impact across all operations. Their products now adhere to stringent REACH and RoHS compliance standards, ensuring safety and sustainability throughout the product lifecycle.

Sure Grip also actively collaborates with suppliers to develop reusable packaging solutions, reinforcing a culture of sustainability throughout their supply chain as whole.

Sure Grip Controls’ green journey epitomizes the transformative power of collaboration and dedication to environmental stewardship. Through their strategic partnerships, they continue to set new goals for sustainability in the manufacturing sector, inspiring others to follow suit on the path towards a greener future.