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Sheringham, a brand with sustainability at its core

As a family-owned business, Sheringham Distillery believes in sustainable business practices that prioritize quality while maintaining true to their values of authenticity, innovation, and being chef-driven.

They feel grateful to be on the path to carbon neutrality in 2023 and to have joined BC Green Business to ensure that future generations can also thrive.

As a distillery, Sheringham finds unique opportunities to green their operations. For instance, they work with a licensed biologist to source sustainably-harvested winged kelp that they use in their Seaside gin. Harvested from their home on Canada’s West Coast, kelp is one of the most eco-friendly seaweeds known to improve the health of the ocean and planet.

Sheringham has woven sustainability into many of their other operations, including by:

  1. Participating in FortisBC’s renewable natural gas program
  2. Running a water capture and recycling
  3. Creating a new product from our production byproduct (coming to the distillery Spring 2023!)
  4. Starting the journey to become a certified B Corp in 2024