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Poke Fresh’s eco-friendly mission

The why

Poke Fresh prides themselves on being a Green-certified member of BC Green Business from day one of opening their doors. Participating in the program proves that it is possible to adopt sustainable practices without jeopardizing operations or heavily hindering profits. By connecting with BC Green Business, Poke Fresh was able to get concrete suggestions to further its green initiatives.

The what: Poke Fresh’s eco-friendly practices

There are many practices that a business can implement in its infrastructure to reduce its environmental footprint. Poke Fresh for instance, uses LED lights, insulated water pipes, and low flow water taps to reduce water and energy usage, which also saves money on monthly overhead. They have also adopted eco-friendly operational practices, including using only Ocean Wise recommended fish, printing brochures and business cards on recycled paper, and planting trees to offset the amount of paper printed.

The effect: Community support

Fortunately, Victoria is a city that cares immensely about its environment. By having sustainability at the forefront of the Poke Fresh mission (along with delicious poke of course), the wonderful citizens of Victoria gravitate towards it. The business attributes many first visits from customers due to its sustainability initiatives.

Displaying the BC Green Business decal is something a business can be proud of. Poke Fresh is an example of how other businesses can not only gradually adopt green practices, but engrain sustainable practices into their operations from day one.