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Monk Office and the journey to sustainability

Monk Office officially started its sustainability journey in 2007 with a switch to bio-diesel from regular diesel in their delivery fleet vehicles in order to cut emissions. From there, the Eco-Team began implementing as many sustainability initiatives as possible, from creating a recycling program that has diverted 99% of their waste from landfills to the little things like installing auto-timers for bathroom lights and installing a bee garden and rain barrel in 2021 at their head office location. Since 2007, Monk has reduced its Hydro consumption by 45% and Natural Gas consumption by 51%. As a repeat winner and now sponsor of the EcoStar Awards “Greenest Office” award, Monk has no plans of slowing down and aims to be a leader in sustainability in the local community.

Monk Office & BC Green Business

Monk Office couldn’t have achieved what it has in the last 15 years without the help of BC Green Business. The high standards put forward by BC Green Business have helped Monk to become a leading Green and Ocean-Friendly business year-over-year. It takes a village of eco-champions to achieve Monk’s green dreams!

Impacting the community

Monk Office is passionate about living and breathing local, which includes caring about the communities that surround every Monk location. Not only did Monk switch to bio-diesel for their delivery fleet, they also created a no-idling and route optimization policy. This helps give our environment a break, it also gives their neighbours a break from inhaling fumes. To reduce our reliance on our global forests for paper, they have been promoting the purchase of Sugar Sheet paper that uses leftover sugarcane scraps to create paper that looks and feels identical to tree paper. At Monk, the policy is to print as little as possible, and if you do need to print, use 100% recycled paper to print double-sided.

Monk Office also helps to divert used writing tools and batteries from the landfill with their collection and recycle programs and supports local eco-organizations to do their important work by providing donations and sponsorships. From the little eco-initiatives to the big ones, Monk continues to do all that it can to reduce its impact on the environment. Their next big eco-goal is to replace their entire delivery fleet with hybrid and electric vehicles powered by solar at their head office in Victoria.