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Gwaii Engineering: Working towards a greener future for generations to come

Gwaii Engineering, an Indigenous-owned firm based in Victoria, BC, is dedicated to environmental stewardship and supporting future generations. Since their establishment in 2017, they’ve been committed to providing top-quality services to local First Nations, aiming to enhance capacity within the communities they serve.

Their approach is unique, emphasizing community engagement and amplifying the voices of their First Nations partners from project inception to completion. “By Indigenous, For Indigenous” is more than a motto; it’s the guiding principle behind everything they do.

Inspired by Indigenous wisdom and traditional practices, they strive to work harmoniously with the land, ensuring prosperity and sustainability for generations to come. They recognize and champion the rights of First Nations to their land and to economic development, strengthening their bond with the environment they inhabit.

As an Indigenous-owned corporation, Gwaii continually adapts their operations to minimize their environmental footprint. This includes:
● Establishing a Sustainable Purchasing Policy and Corporate Sustainability Strategy to guide their actions.
● Conducting annual waste and sustainability audits to pinpoint areas for improvement.
● Organizing and participating in community beach clean-ups to preserve coastal ecosystems.
● Embracing a 4-day work week to promote social sustainability.
● Aligning with TRC action #92, integrating sustainability into their corporate policies and operational activities through an Indigenous cultural lens.

They are proud to display their BC Green Business decal, and to be part of a dedicated community making a difference for the planet. Find them at