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Ethical, organic, and non-GMO: Gathering Place cares

Gathering Place Trading is a family-owned, BC-based company that specializes in ethically produced tea, herbs and spices, vanilla, and pure sea salt. Founded in 2003 with only one product, the business has expanded to over 100, including a whole line of Canadian-grown herbs.

Founders Lovena and Ryan Harvey carefully select their farming partners and suppliers, favouring family farms and co-operatives who share their values: stewardship of the Earth, sustainable farming practices, fair trade and equal pay, and a commitment to high quality. All their products are certified organic and non-GMO.

Not Business As Usual

In addition to being proudly BC Green Business Certified, Gathering Place always purchases Canadian-grown products when available, offers their employees CO2 credits for carpooling or biking, and uses 100% recyclable packaging.

It’s been said that Gathering Place takes standard business practices and “stands them on their head.” In an industry where their competitors don’t know where their products come from, Lovena and Ryan know their farmers and suppliers by name. And in an era where everybody wants to pay less, they will gladly pay more if it supports a Canadian farmer.

High Quality, Safe Products

The couple, who are still actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the company, have never been in the “commodity business.” Their priority has always been to make as direct a connection as possible between farmers and customers. What this means is that Gathering Place customers are enjoying the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious organic products  available.

The high quality of their products is something that customers regularly comment on. Take their Antarctic Pure Sea Salt. In recent laboratory tests, their sea salt was proven to contain ZERO microplastics and heavy metals, making it one of the top five safest sea salts in the world.

Giving Back, With a Human Twist

In addition to supplying their customers with the highest quality organic products available on Earth, Lovena and Ryan LOVE giving back, especially to the communities where their products are grown and nurtured.

Many companies “give back,” but only from profit earned after expenses and salaries. At Gathering Place, one percent of all their sales is donated to grassroots initiatives that directly improve the lives of people in the communities where their spices, herbs, and teas are grown. This means that here in BC, the company gives 1% of sales to a handful of different organizations who are all working to protect the precious BC coastline.

You can read the origin story of Gathering Place, learn more about their company values, see pics of the Harvey family through the years, and browse their products, at