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Farm to glass with Locality Brewing

At Locality Brewing, talented people come together to create award winning beer (and soon cider) using locally grown and processed ingredients. Like all good jokes, it started out as a community experiment when a farmer, local farm museum, engineer and brewer started the conversation.

Locality stays true to their name, serving up field-to-glass craft beer using spray-free ingredients grown on-site, from malting-quality barley and other grains to hops, nuts, fruit, and honey. Unlike most other breweries, Locality also malts their own grains before brewing. The result? Local beverage options that use the same water that falls on the land to grow, malt, and brew.

Most malt quality barley grown in BC is exported, and most of BC’s 200+ craft breweries import the majority of their primary ingredients. By growing their own ingredients and supporting local farmers, Locality cuts out thousands of kilometres of transportation compared to breweries who source their ingredients off-site.

Water is another precious resource that Locality uses sparingly.  The brewery has purchased and received a wastewater treatment system that recycles water for irrigation uses.  In 2024, their goal is to reduce water usage to 5L of water for every 1L of beer, a vast reduction from the typical 7-10L needed per litre.

This closed-loop, circular business has sustainability embedded as a core value since opening in 2019 on the property where co-owner Melanie MacInnes grew up. Locality Brewing is proof that BC has the ability and desire to lead and not follow old school roadmaps and commodity thinking. They are leading by example by using less and conserving more for future generations.