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Escape oceanfront to FARO Handcrafted Pizza and Boathouse Spa

Luxury, But Make It Green

From using low flow taps to reduce wastewater, to transitioning from single use to large format bathroom amenities in each guest room, sustainability is at the forefront of everything the Oak Bay Beach Hotel does. A 100-room boutique hotel and home of Gold-certified BC Green Business members FARO Handcrafted Pizza and Boathouse Spa, the Oak Bay Beach Hotel is situated on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Victoria, BC, with views of the Juan de Fuca Strait and Mount Baker in the distance. The hotel offers luxury accommodation with spacious guest rooms, award-winning amenities such as the Boathouse Spa, FARO Handcrafted Pizza, The Dining Room, and The Snug Pub, as well as their iconic heated seaside mineral pools.

Recently Biosphere Certified, the Oak Bay Beach Hotel wanted to make an impactful commitment to restoring ecosystems this year, with a focus on ocean education and action. The hotel has partnered with veritree, the same company that works with tentree to plant a sapling for every piece of apparel sold. For the hotel, they wanted their impact to feel even more tangible to their community and guests. Among these ecosystems, underwater kelp forests are declining and in need of restoration. The hotel chose to work with veritree to restore native species of kelp to Hotham Sound. Every time a guest declines stayover service, 10 kelp will be planted to help restore the kelp forest to its natural glory.


Intentional touches at every point

When dining at the hotel, each bill is printed on EcoChit receipt paper. EcoChit offers 100% plastic-free, eco-friendly receipt paper that allows businesses to contribute to the restoration of kelp forests through SEAforestation, which involves restoring, planting, and managing underwater kelp forests. Providing guests with a custom-printed QR code on the back of each receipt allows the hotel to share the information and education they know about EcoChit with their customers.


Being a leader in the community

When staying at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, guests may have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of a majestic Southern Resident Orca or a playful otter swimming by during a spa treatment. These marine species rely heavily on a healthy ocean and the survival of kelp forests. The hotel has made a conscious effort to reduce their environmental impact through the services they provide, the products they use, and the businesses they partner with. From working with veritree and EcoChit, to participating in Nespresso’s capsule recycling program, and being certified with BC Green Business Collective, the hotel always looks for new ways to achieve their sustainable goals and continue to work on their commitment to Biosphere, and the world.